Why You Don't Need A Social Media Marketer

Updated: Jul 24

If you're only interested in getting a marketer just to spray your business name out there, odds are that you shouldn't hire a social media marketer. Why am I essentially telling you that you shouldn't hire me? Because I hate seeing small businesses waste money.

I've talked with several small business owners who are in a similar boat. They want to make Facebook Ads just to collect leads or create a sales campaign for them. Unfortunately, it's just not that simple. In that case, you should work on understanding your market funnel and your ability to close sales.

"Marketing funnel"? Sounds complicated. Simply put, it's the top-down process that starts at the top and (ideally) ends at the bottom. If you hire a social media marketer, then understand that they work toward the top of the funnel. That social media marketer's primary job isn't to produce sales. Hire somebody else then!

Currently, there are ads that target people to join their Get Rich Quick Scheme Course. People who complete these tend to be under-qualified, overcharging, and focusing only on the money.

If you are looking for someone because you can't handle all the marketing yourself, ask them these questions:

  • What's your background in digital/social media marketing?

  • This means: are they in it just for the money? Have they had prior experience in handling other companies' images?

  • Are you focused on demand generation or lead generation?

  • This means: are they focused on sales (lead generation) or your overall brand image (demand generation)?

  • How are you developing yourself as a marketer?

  • This means: are they taking Facebook Blueprint, Twitter Flight School or SEO Backlinko courses to improve their expertise?

  • Where are the fees going?

  • This means: are they using it as an audit fee to focus my brand? Or is it a DOC FEE like at the car dealership?

  • Is there a designated person to handle each marketing task?

  • This means: is there a jack-of-all-trades? Unless that person is a Full Stack Digital Marketer with 8+ years of experience, some parts of marketing are going to be low-quality.

Read (or watch) this explanation from Chris Walker. Chris states that if you pass a raw lead to a sales rep, you would lose up to 99% of the inquiries. Don't trust him? He grew a digital marketing agency in less than 16 months AND he's an industry thought leader.

Find someone (or do it yourself) who can develop trust and consistency in your audience. Consumers only trust 4% of marketers. In statistics, that might as well be ZERO. Nurture your leads and build that trust from the ground up.

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