The Power of Trust: Worth More Than Money?

“Now… more than ever…” Just kidding. But MK from Alyce was right- companies should be caring about consumers right from the beginning.

To process all the information from one of the upcoming, most innovative brands, I decided to write about it! Alyce knows that companies know about people’s #9to5 but celebrates #5to9. Even at work!

“The most expensive thing is trust. I can take years to build and just a matter of seconds to lose.” – Unknown

As Katie Martell mentioned, only 4% of consumers trust marketing. Unfortunately, trust is hard to measure and quantify. But that’s what makes us human. People want to feel real, people want to feel connected, but they want it to be reasonable.

When I interviewed ten consumers, eight of them notice a need first. It means that they aren’t sitting around, waiting for a product to “come to them.” Then this is where inbound marketing works. Consumers will check reviews, search on social media, and ask for recommendations. This process doesn’t include time “sleeping on it” or time looking at competitors. Chris Walker, CEO of Refine Labs, conducted studies and found out that automatically turning market leads to the sales teams reduces the quality of the lead and wastes the salesperson’s time. He also noticed that long-term marketing increases alignment and value compared to short-term goals.

Expensive, no?


Greg mentioned that there are many moments to build relationships. But there are also many ways to portray that. Some people build relationships with verbal cues, physical connection, or through subtle contexts.

Quick add: This is why I really like what Compt is doing with their company. If CEO’s are the marketers, their teams are customers. It develops trust with higher ups and reduces dissonance.

Overall, personalizing is more than lead generation but more to “trust generation.” Greg mentioned that moving customers (or even team members) is an emotional experience and you want to be there for every step of the way.

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