Six Ways a Dog Strengthened My Leadership Skills

If you aren’t allergic, why WOULDN’T you get a dog? Even though I have allergies, I still got a dog! My fianceé and I got more than we bargained for.

Koda (my dog) after a good day at the park 🐕❤

1) Patience. Growing up in a large family and working in education for five years, I thought I had all the patience I needed. False.

No matter what you believe, there will always be room to practice patience. It was hard getting used to Koda since I didn’t know how he wanted to communicate. Now that we know how he expresses himself, we can reduce stress and frustration.

2) Picking up after some shit. Having a dog is all fun and games until you have to pick up after him. The first time I ever picked up after a dog was right after we adopted Koda. Caitlin left me alone to pick up 2 bags worth of doggy doo-doo.

Dogs, like humans, aren’t perfect, but they will be there for you. Dogs will be there for you (in the bathroom). They want to protect you while you’re in this vulnerable position. Dogs feel this way because you’re there for them when they’re vulnerable too. If you notice, humans will kindly reciprocate if you pick up their doo-doo too.

3) Positive reinforcement and communication. Dogs don’t respond well to negative conditioning or negative reinforcement. Humans are the same way.

Although dogs don’t speak English (not yet, anyway), there’s a lot of contextual communication to read. Positive reinforcement sticks better than verbal communication overall anyway.

4) Things get better if you just wait until morning. Sometimes Koda snaps for my food when it’s on my mouth. He knows he’ll get in trouble. Scolding him afterwards sometimes creates a grumpier dog.

Instead of scolding him again, we give him extra space. Sometimes, like dogs, humans need space and time to themselves to readjust. It offers a clearer head and a fresh mental state.

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5) Don’t feel bad about asking them for a run here and there. Koda is meant to be a herding dog and has a lot of energy that needs to be let out. I want to run too but sometimes I feel that he’s too tired for a jog.

Like dogs, humans will help you out, especially if it’s something that they enjoy.

6) Every dog is different but you love them anyway. Before we adopted Koda, I thought it was going to be easy and perfect having a dog.

Koda was different than I thought a dog was going to be like but we love him just the same. Humans, like dogs, are different amongst each other. But at the end of the day, you can love humans for their imperfections too.

Everything I know, I learned from dogs. Nora Roberts
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