Simple Tips to Improve Your Instagram

My Instagram isn't growing like it was a year ago.

Following an update from spring 2020, some business accounts have seen drops in their engagement. The short answer? The Instagram algorithm isn't favoring all the hashtags that it used to. The solution? Comment, share and like posts of other profiles. Instagram is favoring those with a higher likelihood of engaging with other users.

Instagram Reels help your algorithm. With Instagram's response to Tik Tok being shut down, they created Reels. To help boost your posts, add IG Reels to your feed.

How do I know I'm getting enough interaction? The easiest way to gauge a "good" account is if your post likes and comments hover at about 10% the amount of followers. Example: I have a 1,000 followers and the average likes and comments are around 100. How can you fix this?

  1. Improve the copy on your post. Your audience won't see past two lines of words

  2. Timing. Post when your audience is online. Alternatively, post when a similar audience is online

  3. Increase the quality of your followers. The more "spammy" your followers, the more it hurts your account. Delete some spam accounts.

  4. Read the first paragraph. Interact with your followers and the algorithm will favor you.

Tired of Managing Your Instagram? Instagram follower growth has started to stagnate as it becomes a "one size fits all" platform. Frequent algorithm updates will be coming as the platform stabilizes. Want to get it right the first time, Let's chat!

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