Free Tools to Get Started in Social Media

Updated: Aug 30

Looking to start marketing through social media? Here are some tools that I recommend:

Social Media Scheduler | Level of Importance: 10/10

If you can't do anything else, at a minimum, this is what you should get. Currently, I am using Hootsuite and Later. Hootsuite is great because you can connect as many as three profiles. Later is the second software I use. It's great because you can preview your Instagram or Pinterest feed if everything were to be posted.




Facebook Scheduler

Social Oomph

Digital Asset Manager | Level of Importance: 7/10

The best way to get started is with Google Photos, Apple Photos, Google Drive, or Dropbox. Get practice managing these assets before upgrading to something more complicated.

Google Photos

Apple Photos

Google Drive



Facebook Analytics and Instagram Analytics | 6/10

The only reason why this isn't rated higher is that you can get access to analytics through your social media scheduler if you upgrade to a paid version.

Cloud Calendar | 4/10

I personally use Google Calendar because I can integrate it with my scheduler link. Having a calendar makes it easier to see the big picture of your schedule. Your content should be evenly spread out in frequency and types of content. The reason this rates so low is because not everyone uses a cloud calendar and can be done with a paper calendar.

Google Calendar


Microsoft Calendar

Free Content Creation Software and Places to Get Content | 6/10

It's a good idea to have a diversity of content created for your website. Below, you have design creators, free stock images, and a database of trending links to share on your feed.



Adobe Spark



Buzz Sumo

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) | 8/10

When working on copywriting, it's important to have some basics in SEO. This way, when someone conducts a Google search, your content is more likely to show up in search.


Google Trends

Keywords Everywhere

It's overwhelming to think of where to get started in developing your social media. Hopefully, this list makes it easier to find out where to start!

  • Google Play

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