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We focus on building relationships with your audience. This drives revenue from your existing leads and sets your company as an industry leader.

Save yourself time, money, and heartbreak. Companies will reach out to low-quality leads and develop slower sales cycles. Antiquated marketing techniques focus on leads with a one-and-done method.


Brand marketing focuses on driving revenue from your existing leads. We establish you as a market leader and make your customers come to you!

Grow your business the right way.

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Our team isn't limited to agency-only experience. The team is open to diverse backgrounds and developing relationships.

Carmela Montenegro

I have been an in-house social media manager for two years. I co-created that position to better serve patrons and educate them.

Since I've been a social media manager, I have experience in leading creative teams to grow Instagram followers by 75% year-over-year and bring 400 attendees to a first-time event with no marketing budget. I used to work in-house for non-profits. I know how to maximize with a small budget and align my content for my client's long-term goals.


Other freelancers post and hope for the best. What makes me stand out is my customer-centric approach mixed with creativity and optimization.


  • Lightroom and Photoshop

  • Adobe Illustrator

  • Hootsuite Social Media Manager

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175 Centre Street, Quincy, MA, 02169


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