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About Koda and Crush

What Makes Us Different

Save yourself time, money, and heartbreak. Companies will reach out to low-quality leads and develop slower sales cycles. Antiquated marketing techniques focus on leads with a one-and-done method.


Growth marketing focuses on driving revenue from your existing leads. We establish you as a market leader and make your customers come to you!


Past & Present

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Growing and expanding reach with 1132 Wabash. Developing a tone for the company and building relationships online.

Currently doubling web traffic directly from social media month-over-month (MoM)

Managing Facebook Ads and developing a brand strategy through organic content on social media. So far, has resulted in a 85% reduction cost per lead.

Produced the most engaged posts and campaigns to-date. Developed a strong platform character through building relationships and organic content. To date, I have created or co-created the top 3 posts in its Instagram history.

Presented a social media audit to executives and increased awareness in younger demographics. Also, collaborated with a local partner in a first-time event resulting in about 400 attendees with no budget.

Contact Me

175 Centre Street, Quincy, MA, 02169


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